Why Use Us?

We are permit expediters, but we function as project coordinators – your “go-to” consultants during the very critical pre-development/pre-construction stages until your contractor has the go ahead to start work.

Also, if you’re going to build a riding arena or a horse arena, see the guide on horse arena construction ltd. Read more.

Our testimonials from clients give a clear picture of how vital our services can be to a project.

Researching governmental requirements can overburden your designers, giving them less time to complete your drawings, which can result in errors.

We thoroughly research requirements and supplement your designers’ research regarding the project.  We also offer a preliminary code review at 80% completed drawings.  We assist in many areas of your project – from zoning variances and plat consolidations to the final bonds and other paperwork required to issue.

Your goal is to open your project on time and generate income.  Our coordination efforts can help you meet that goal.

Are there ever  times when getting ready to start construction ahead of time is a drawback? Well, maybe a few, but not many! We can always get your project through quicker with the help of setting out engineering, And our construction processes are set up to ensure the project moves along efficiently and that is the main thrust of our business.

If you are working under any sort of deadline – from a tenant move in to a ground up development – the faster your job is permitted the sooner you start to generate positive cash flow.

We specialize in the Southeastern United States. We pull retail and office interiors anywhere in the US.

Contact us at 404.888.9400 or email us at diane [at] acpatl.com